What's YOUR Social Style?

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One of your co-workers gets so much work done in a day it makes your head spin, but she tends to steamroll over everyone in the process.

Another co-worker is great with details and never misses a trick, but he tends to over-analyze everything and takes forever to make a simple decision.

One of your other co-workers is a nice person and a great listener and teammate. But by trying to please everyone, she fails to please anyone.

Yet another is always enthusiastic, fun to work with, and has a million ideas. Too bad he’s all over the place and never seems to follow up, follow through, or finish anything.

In their classic “Social Styles” model, Robert and Dorothy Bolton labeled the four personality types mentioned above as: Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive. Of these four types, which person would you most prefer to work with and why? Which one drives you insane? And, perhaps most importantly, which one are YOU?

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14 Books That Will Make You More Innovative in 2014

14 Books That Will Make You More Innovative


A lot of people use the words “innovation” and “creativity” interchangeably, but my favorite definition helps differentiate the two: “Innovation is the value-added application of a creative idea.”

Of course, knowing a snappy definition is one thing — putting it into practice is something else altogether. If you’re struggling to truly innovate, or if you just want to refresh your creative mojo, start with this list of books that will make you more innovative in the new year.

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The CEO As Mentor to Entrepreneurs: Todd's Advice in the NY Times Workologist column


When asked by a CEO how to handle the ever-increasing time demands of start-up entrepreneurs requesting to pick his brain, the Workologist provided a few suggestions that I felt kind of came up short.

Here's the original column called, "Sharing Your Wisdom":


And here's my response (scroll down to...Reader Feedback: A Mentor’s Limits)



When A Millennial Is The Boss (Forbes)


In this Forbes.com article by Ryan Galloway, Todd is quoted on his thoughts related to generational differences in the workplace with a focus on the issues involved when Gen Y Millennials manage older (Gen X, Baby Boomer, and Traditionalist) employees:

Todd Cherches, co-founder and CEO of the management consulting firm BigBlueGumball, frequently encounters young professionals in manager- or even director-level roles.

"A lot of Millennials have moved up the ladder very quickly,” said Cherches. “They’re in positions that wouldn’t have been open to them 10 or 15 years ago. Many companies have realized that Millennials have a distinct set of skills, and they want to capitalize on that.”

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Listen Up! 8 Tips for Becoming a Better Manager -- Through Better Listening

Quick! Who’s the best manager you’ve ever worked for? Picture him or her in your mind. Now think: what made you pick this person?

So who was the worst manager you’ve ever had? Do the same thing: visualize working for this person while thinking about what made them so horrible.

I can’t guarantee it, but if I had to guess, one of the key differences between these two was that the good manager actually listened to you, while the bad one didn’t.

Am I right?

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