When is Thinking Slow Better Than Thinking Fast?

So, you have a job interview or a big meeting coming up with the boss or an important client. You’ve done your homework and you’re prepared, primed, and pumped up. But have you thought about your thinking speed?

We all know that Interviews and high-stakes meetings can be stressful, and when nerves flare up, our tendency is to think and talk too fast, leading to our blowing that meeting that we prepared so hard for.

In his now classic book “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” Daniel Kahneman takes a deep dive into how we think – and teaches us how we can think more effectively. According to Kahneman, one of the biggest problems is that we tend to think too fast.

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"Wisdom is where Knowledge & Experience meet"



~Todd Cherches


"If you're looking for a job, your job search IS your job." Todd quoted in the Denver Post

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Thinking About Thinking: 15 Top Book Recommendations to Help You Become a Better Thinker in 2015

Books 2015 image

Among the fastest-growing topics on business bookshelves these days are those that examine how we think, how we make decisions, why we make mistakes, how we learn, and how we lead.

These titles, which may be listed under the headings of social or behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, learning theory, or the increasingly popular title of “neuroleadership,” show us not only how we think, but also how we can start to think better.

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Should you ever accept a job you don't really want? Todd quoted in Forbes

Edouard Manet's bartender didn't seem too thrilled about her job, either.

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