You Can Observe a Lot From Watching: Work & Life Wisdom from Yogi Berra

In addition to having been one of the greatest ballplayers and most iconic baseball figures of all time, Yogi Berra, who passed away last week at the age of 90, was, of course, in many ways, almost as well-known for his wonderful way with words.

While, at first glance his famous quotes might appear perplexing (as well as hilarious – whether intentionally or not), when pried open they are found to contain wondrous pearls of wisdom.

Whether on the ballfield, at work, or in life, here are just a few ways in which we might benefit from practicing what Yogi preached…even if he really didn’t say everything he said:

  • It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” His most famous quote reminds us of two very important, but very different, things: One is to be careful not declare victory prematurely. The other is that until something is official, there’s always still hope.

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Is Gen X the “Jan Brady” of the Generations?

jan brady

Which one is your Jan?: Classic TV Jan…or more recent Movie Jan?

To Jan Brady, it always seemed like everyone else was getting all the attention. If it wasn’t little sister Cindy, then it was, of course, big sister “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

Similar to this classic example of “middle child syndrome” from “The Brady Bunch,” it often seems to Gen Xers that they are caught in the middle these days. For, while everyone’s busy talking about Baby Boomers and/or Millennials, members of Generation X are left there, ignored and sandwiched in between, wondering, “Hey, What about us!?”

Having entered the workforce during tough economic times, many Gen Xers, unfortunately, missed the boat that Millennials are about to set sail on. Gen Xers showed up on time, wore a suit, didn’t ask for perks, waited years for that big promotion that never came, and did all the right things…only to now find Baby Boomers tripping over them to shake hands with the GenY/Millennials.

So what does a Gen Xer gotta do to get some attention around here? Like a middle child who sees his or her younger sibling reaping the benefits of being the “shiny new thing” — and with the Boomer generation still calling the shots (for now) – perhaps it’s time to give Generation X a little love.

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The Simple Secret to Success

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Visual Bio

As we all know, the traditional resume is an important and essential part of the job search process — a way to efficiently and effectively represent and communicate your career history on a sheet of paper or two.

But after a hiring manager or recruiter has sorted through thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates, your text-based, bulletpoint-filled black and white resume can easily get lost in the crowd and buried in the pile (e.g., “I forget… which one was the guy who used to work for Disney and CBS?”).

This is why I recommend that you consider something new and innovative: creating a visual bio!

What is it? Put most simply, it's a colorful, visual version of your text resume.

It doesn't take the place of your traditional resume; it’s a personal branding and marketing piece that you can take along on your interview, use as a visual roadmap to tell your story, and then leave behind as a powerful, visual reminder of who you are.

Not only will it assist you in clearly articulating your career history but, as a picture is worth (at least) a thousand words, it will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity -- and enable you stand out from the crowd.

For more on the Visual Bio, please see my original post on The Hired Guns blog.

5 Things Boomers and Gen Xers Need to Think About When Being Interviewed by a Millennial

In my last Hired Guns post, we discussed Five Myths About Millennials That Boomers and Gen Xers Need to Let Go Of, and previously explored Five Things Millennials Need to Know When Being Interviewed By a Baby Boomer.

Now in this, the third of a four-part series on generational issues in the workplace, we want to flip the traditional hierarchy on its head and discuss the increasingly common occurrence of how (and why) Baby Boomers and Gen Xers need to think, and act, a little bit differently when it is a Millennial who is in charge.

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