Team-Bonding needs to come before Team-building




"Team-Bonding needs to come before Team-Building."

(C) Todd Cherches

"We need to connect to each other...if we want to work better with each other." 

(C) Todd Cherches

What's Your Leadership Weather Report Today?

When you walk into a room...

Are you a CLOUD of doom, and gloom, casting a dark shadow on everyone, and threatening lightning and thunderstorms...?

Or… are you a burst of SUNSHINE that lights up the room with warmth and good humor, filling it with a spirit of hope and optimism, positive energy and passion, making people feel good to be around you and glad that you’ve arrived…?

Are you the kind of manager who makes people feel bullied and threatened and intimidated and scared; or the kind who encourages and empowers them, boosts their morale and their confidence, and is there to help them maximize their performance, their productivity, and their potential?

Are you the kind of co-worker, or teammate, or classmate who's always "looking out for number one"...or the kind who makes others around you better?

Unlike the weather outside, the climate you create inside is entirely up to you.

Did you ever "wonder"...


"When they invented sliced bread, what did they say it was "the greatest thing since"?

(C) Todd Cherches

Have you ever asked yourself...


"What did the inventors of the drawing board go back to when the first one didn't work out?"

(C) Todd Cherches

Managers focus on the POSITION; Leaders focus on the PERSON in the position.

Quote (C) Todd Cherches