Thinking? Think again.

Of all the different management, leadership, communication, innovation, and thinking tools, tips and techniques that exist, one of the most powerful concepts is  Edward de Bono’s "Six Thinking Hats" model.

Check out The Hired Guns blog to read Todd's thoughts on De Bono's model and how it can be applied in every day life.

You may never think about thinking the same way again.  (What?!!!)  Read to find out....

My New Favorite Innovation: AquaNotes!

If you're like me, you get most of your best ideas in the shower. But now, instead of having to run out of the bathroom dripping wet to find some paper, you can relax...and just write your thoughts down right then and there on an AquaNotes pad!

For more details you can go to their website (, or order them on Amazon. But basically it's a pad of waterproof note paper and a special pencil that you can suction-cup right on to the wall of the shower where it's always there waiting to capture your next great I did with this very blog post. 

While the pads are a little more costly than regular note pad paper, how much would it cost to let that innovative thought you just had slip away. As their slogan says, "No more great ideas down the drain."

The pads are a little bit bigger than a large post-it, but when they come out with FLIPCHART-sized pads I may never come out of the shower!

New & Improved Gumblog

Hello and welcome to BigBlueGumball's new and improved Gumblog...!

You may have noticed that the format of the Gumblog has changed.  In the past, we've used this section to highlight events and happenings involving (or supported by) BigBlueGumball.  If you'd like to continue to be informed of past and future events that BigBlueGumball is chewing on, please head over to our "Happenings" page.

The new and improved Gumblog wll now serve as a platform for Todd and Steve to talk about all things BigBlueGumball-related.

Stay tuned for more...

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