What our clients are saying about BigBlueGumball...

* With all the classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences I've attended in my life, this leadership program was -- by far -- the best learning experience I've ever had! Not only will this training make me a better manager, but it will also help to make me a better person, husband, father, and coach. In short, these three days were, simply, transformational and life-changing. And I can't thank you enough...

                                                                                       ~Wall Street Head Trader

* Thank you for being an example to us all! My sincere appreciation to you for everything you do to help us grow and build our business. We are very fortunate to have you on our team... for your professionalism, dedication, and abilities that you bring into the training room!

~ Head of Training

* Excellent results! Considering you had never delivered this particular program for us before, this was absolutely outstanding! Congratulations on helping us to build our client relationships. I'm sure your performance will help us take it to the next level and generate a lot more new business.

~ Client VP of Training & Development

* Todd and Steve were a fantastic duo...we laughed throughout the casual but professional workshop while learning and honing in on some excellent management tactics and techniques.

~Campaign Manager

* I took an eleven-week training & development class in my Masters program, but I feel that I learned more in today's one-day workshop than I learned in eleven weeks from that other course!

~Human Resources Manager

* Knowledgeable, insightful, empathetic, and interactive trainers and coaches who held everyone's interest and kept the pace moving during the three days.

~ Advertising Manager

* I've taken so many different management and leadership courses over the past ten years, and never had better instructors!

~ Sales Account Executive

* Dynamic trainers who seem to have a humorous and educational quote or anecdote for every situation. 

~ Pharmaceuticals research scientist

* The interesting and amazing part is that he never even facilitated this program before! The only reason he was even teaching this class at all is because the client refused to have anyone else deliver it!

~ Director of Client Relations

* I just wanted you to know that this course was great! Even though most of us were not initially thrilled with the idea of having to take this 7-week class, you have found a way to make it fun and everyone is really enjoying it. I only wish I could have taken your class 15 years ago. Thank you -- I leave here rejuvenated and inspired....

~Project Manager