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The BBG PowerDial: a textbook case

Honored to have the BigBlueGumball PowerDialTM model featured in this 550-page, $252 textbook.

Now, if I could only afford to buy it...or lift it!

For more on the PowerDial, click here for the article, "The BigBlueGumball PowerDial: The Power to Change...to Get the Power You Need." 

Or here for the video, "Turn Up Your Power Dial & Kick-Start Your Confidence."

BBG @ ICF-CT: Life Lessons in Leadership Coaching

Your Leadership Journey: Life Lessons in Leadership Coaching

Todd Cherches; Carol Shear (ICF-CT president); Steve Cherches

We all know that our life experiences shape us as individuals. Yet, how often do we make the time and take the time to reflect back on those experiences to gain a better understanding of who we are and how we are as leaders...and as coaches?

In this fun, fast-paced, and highly-interactive workshop, we led the Connecticut chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) on a journey of exploration from the past to the present...and into the future.

Among the key themes covered in this 90-minute workshop:

* Exploring the metaphor of the Leadership Journey;

* Discovering who we are as leaders based on how the life stories from our past shape our present; 

* Envisioning how we can apply the journey metaphor and our own life lessons in a coaching context. 



Todd on the Radio: the HR Power Hour

BBG Rocks the ICF (International Coach Federation) in NYC

Todd & Steve were proud to be the guest speakers at the May 2012 meeting of the NYC chapter of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Held at the NYU midtown campus on W. 42nd St., our presentation, entitled, “The Power of Visual Thinking: An Innovative Approach to More Effective Presenting & Coaching” was attended by a high-energy and highly-engaged group of approximately 50 members of the local coaching community.

We presented our, “Ten Top Tips for Designing & Delivering More Effective Presentations: A Wild 30-Minute Roller Coaster Ride,” followed by an interactive exploration of how to leverage the power of visual thinking and visual communication in a coaching context.

Among the various topics discussed were: what visual thinking is all about; napkin sketching; the use of visual language, metaphor, and storytelling; and how to create your own Visual Coaching Toolkit.

As promised, following are the answers to the top three questions we were asked:

[1] Can you post a copy of your “10 Top Tips”?


[2] Where can we find visual images to use in powerpoint presentations?









[3] Can you post a copy of your presentation skills book recommendation list?    

The List:

1.  The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – by Carmine Gallo

2.  Slideology – by Nancy Duarte 3.Resonate – by Nancy Duarte

4.  Presentation Zen – by Garr Reynolds

5.  The Naked Presenter – by Garr Reynolds

6.  Presenting to Win – by Jerry Weissman

7.  The Exceptional Presenter – by Timothy J. Koegel

8.  Beyond Bulletpoints – by Cliff Atkinson

9.  Power, Influence & Persuastion – by Harvard Business Essentials

10.  The Confident Speaker – by Monarth & Kase

11.  The Story Factor – by Anette Simmons

12.  How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence – by Dale Carnegie

13.  The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking – by Dale Carnegie

14.  10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking – by Princeton Language

15.  Present Like a Pro – by Maxie & O’Connor 

For further questions, please contact us any time.  We look forward to hearing from you.


We've Gotta Stop Meeting(s) Like This

Like most businesspeople, you're probably spending more time in meetings than getting any actual work done.   

But does it have to be this way?

To find out how to make YOUR meetings more productive and succesful, check out this article in "Success Magazine" where you'll find BigBlueGumball's very own, Todd Cherches, featured. 

After all, wouldn't YOU like to be as joyful as the people in this stock photo of "young, good-looking business people high-fiving each other"?